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How To Keep Type 4 Hair Stretched and Tangle-Free… on WASH DAY!

• Jun 19, 2014

by Vashti of

veepeejay stretched hair with clips

For most of us, wash day can turn into… an all day affair, depending on what we decide to do to our hair. No matter how long it takes, at the end we all want our hair to be clean, conditioned, moisturized and tangle free.


I was originally attracted to these hair clips because of their color. Once I started using them almost 2 years ago, they’ve been a staple in my wash day regimen.

I like to use the hair clips to stretch my roots when I twist on wet hair. For even more stretch, I apply one clip to the roots and the ends of each twist on my head.


The results? Big hair and stretched roots on day one – score! Stretched hair means less tangles and less breakage. That’s what every natural wants, right?


I also use them during my wash process.


Additionally, they come in handy when I’m prepping my hair for a twist out.

Check out my video below to see how I use the clips as a part of both my washing, deep conditioning and styling regime:

Have you managed to achieve stretched hair on wash day? Share your tips with us below!

Vashti is the Chief Content Creator of, a Dallas based natural hair & lifestyle blog. She’s been natural since 2009 and shares her journey to encourage others to embrace all that is unique, amazing & beautiful about themselves.

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11 Comments on "How To Keep Type 4 Hair Stretched and Tangle-Free… on WASH DAY!"

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I love your videos and your hair 🙂


I need some of those clips in my life! Th


I do this on wash day too. I have the pink and purple ones. This has helped tremendously with shrinkage and tangles! I do about 8 — 10 twists.

Nappy4C Rocks

no thank you


LoL! For real, it looks like X-mas.
I’ve never known any woman to take more than 5 minutes to clean and condition hair. But then again, I don’t know any kinky or curly women for whom tangling and breakage is a major issue. The men I know don’t seem to require extra at short or long lengths either. But like the article states, for some, setting aside an entire day to wash your hair may depend on the look you want — elongated curls rather than nappy fro.


That looks like a lot of work to me..




Awesome idea, now if I can only get them to buy over here..


@darkchild-Me too*sighs*


if you look up sprangz, they’re much more efficient in washing hair, they help with a lot more actually annndddd black owned 😀


I ignored this for while, because the picture implied that it was time consuming. However, I accidentally came across using the small section method during my wash day and it was a life saver. The extra time it takes is balanced in the reduced detangling time. Maybe this won’t be a big deal for those who have an easier time detangling.

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