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Natural Hair Products that Outperform Their Organic Counterparts

• Aug 30, 2014

Sometimes we forget that hair is just hair. Whether it’s natural or processed…it’s all…just…hair”. Unfortunately, I can’t recall who made that statement, but the moment I heard it, I began to think. Am I over doing it because I’ve become natural? So, I began to reflect back on my journey…

Now, I will say that switching to natural saved me a lot of money on salon appointments (see what I did there?), but I really can’t say the same for the products I was using. Before and during my transition, I was huge on the Organic Roots Stimulator line. I loved it and had no issues at all…but the moment I completed my transition, I threw those out and started spending a crazy amount of money on “natural hair products”. I’ve since changed my ways and now incorporate both “natural hair” products and “regular” products in my regimen. However, I want to compare some that I’ve used to help answer the question: Do we sometimes spend unnecessarily on “natural hair” products?


Camille Rose Naturals Curlaide Moisture Butter vs. Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer



First up…Camille Rose, here are the deets:

- Key ingredients: Water, Organic rice milk, green tea, jojoba, macadamia, shea butter, and coconut oil
— Promises to moisturized, soft and minimizes breakage
— Packaged in an 8 oz. jar
— Retails for $16.99

Elasta QP:

- Key ingredients: Water, olive fruit oil, capric capryllic triglycerides (coconut/palm oil fatty acids), PEG-75 lanolin    (processed lanolin)
— Promises softer, fuller looking hair; helps strengthen and protect hair against breakage, split ends and dryness
— Typically packaged in a 6 oz. jar
— Retails for $4.99


I can honestly say that I LOVE both of these products. Each one does what it says it’s going to do and they both smell delicious! I have never had a problem with either one and I’ve used both interchangeably for over a year now. However, the fact that I’m getting pretty much the same results baffles me. With the price point of the Camille Rose Naturals butter, one would think that my hair remains moisturized for weeks at a time! But that’s not the case. And please don’t get me wrong, I understand that we’re paying for the ingredients (which are great), but if I can get the same results using the Elasta QP for a whole 10 bucks cheaper, then sign me up! The ingredients in Elasta QP’s moisturizer aren’t necessarily organic, but my tid bit of research proved that they aren’t bad for your hair either! So in this case, I would say that the choice is up to you. You can’t truly go wrong with either product. It just all boils down to how frugal you are.


Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler vs. Giovanni Direct Leave In


Kinky Curly:

- Key ingredients: organic mango fruit extract, organic slippery elm, organic marshmallow root, organic lemongrass, cetyl   alcohol, behentrimonium methosulfate (ammonium compound for slip), citric acid
— Designed to condition, smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls, from thick textured, curly hair
— Typically packaged in an 8 oz. bottle
— Retails for $12.99


- Key ingredients: water, cetyl alcohol, tocopherol (vitamin E), Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), citric acid
— Promises to restore strength, luster, and nourishment to abused hair, moisturize and builds body, detangle for easy  comb-out/styling, plump each strand for undeniable thickness that lasts, and great for all hair types
— Typically packaged in an 8.5 oz bottle
— Retails for $7.99


I used to be in love with Kinky Curly Knot Today until I cheated on it with Giovanni Direct Leave-in… *sings* “aaaaw these curls ain’t loyal!” But I must say I’m glad that I did! Kinky Curly Knot Today was great for detangling my hair, but it wasn’t so hot when it came to the conditioning side of things. My hair would feel moisturized while it was damp, but as it dried it was as if all the moisture evaporated. I thought my hair was just super thirsty and thought nothing of it. Oh but one day, I came across Giovanni…and that was all she wrote. This has become a staple product for me! Everything that it promises, it provides; my hair loves this stuff! Detangling is a breeze and my hair is nourished and moisturized for a significant amount of time. What I will say is this: Kinky Curly says that it’s designed for “thick textured, curly hair”, which is exactly what I have, but it dropped the ball on me. On the other hand, Giovanni is designed for ALL hair types and has yet to disappoint! It’s quite obvious that my hair can do without all the organic ingredients; so for a whole 5 bucks cheaper and extra half an ounce, I must say that Giovanni Direct Leave-In gets the award!


I know not all of us are strung up on only using “natural” products, but there are some people that are. I know it’s all about preference, in fact the great MiMi Faust said it best, “I like what I like! (LOL)” However, I would suggest taking the time out to analyze what you’re paying for versus what you’re receiving. Just because it’s handmade and has 100% organic ingredients  doesn’t make it the absolute BEST thing for your hair. If you can find something that gives you the same results or BETTER for a much cheaper price, I say why not go for it?! If you ask me, I would say that we are definitely paying too much for “natural” products. The results just aren’t significant enough. So until those organic products make me something like Rapunzel in a year, I’ll continue to save my little change and put it in my tank!


Which products do you prefer and do you think you’re overspending? Why or why not?


About Alondra: Joke telling, hair pick toting, life-living Southern Bell by way of Memphis, Tennessee. I’m a young,educated black woman pursuing dreams by day and a super hero by night; my powers reside in my mind. To state it simply, I plan to save the world one conversation at a time. @Color_Me_Diva @MyManeThang

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KC Knot Today have a lot competition these days. Along with the Giovanni brand, there’s also Shea Moisture’s Leave-in, Cantu and my recent discovery; Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-In. (I know there’s another one I’m forgetting.)I really like the BTTT Leave-In. I just try to stick with what works for me and what’s affordable not so much the ingredients (I don’t like much petroleum though). It is what it is.

naturally Tee

shea moisture’s first ingredient is Glycerin and my hair becomes a poof ball I am gonna try to save it for winter but I really regret buying it


I swear by sheamoisture but i only buy them when i see a sale so i can save some money but I’ve tried products that cost more and cost less with similar results but i really LOVE sheamoisture. in my 3 years of being natural I’vetried many things but i always go back to sheamoisture lol


Me too lol



Thanks Alondra for that review! I have also been looking for cheaper alternative to hair care products. That would be nice if we could have more similar reviews. I love the idea of using organic hair care products and I understand that organic ingredients are more expensive so I don’t want to blame manufacturers. With that said, I am still a student and I realized that the amount of money I spend on something that is nothing more than a dead fiber is crazy. If anything what has improved the appeareance of my hair is actually to stop relaxing them.… Read more »
I’ve tried a few leave ins and always come back to the knot today. It detangles, and leaves my hair soft to the touch. Giovanni and cantu both left my hair feeling like a pile of hay. Beautiful textures did nothing for me as well. it coated my hair and that was it. I even think it caused the massive shedding I was battling at the time. Now I stick to knot today and shea moisture curl and shine milk. I do want to try the new leave in they have for their jbco line but it’s not where I… Read more »

the don’t seem to seel the gionvanni direct leave in anymore. at least i haven’t seen it in over a year. it was definitely my favorite product and now it’s gone with the wind. my stylist uses nairobi products on my hair. unlike most naturals, i go the salon every two weeks just like before. my stylist knows far more about hair and hair products than i ever care to, so i’ll keep sitting my self in her chair!


You can get the liter size Giovanni direct leave in from for about $18 including shipping. That’s where I buy mine from and it’s more cost effective. I’d rather get 32oz. for just under $20 than buy 8oz. for $8

I’m surprised that the Eden Bodyworks line was mentioned in the comparisons.especially the leave-in and dc. Most of the ingredients (if not all) of them are natural and the products are less than $10. Thats a pretty good deal to me. At sallys between the sallys beauty card and the frequent sales on haircare products and the $10 off $20 coupon codes, this can be an economical way to purchase more natural products for a discount. I get that not every ingredient is compatible to your hair so you just have to see how the ingredients (natural or unnatural) are… Read more »

I agree with the closing paragraph. I get annoyed when people bash products that didn’t work for them, and then other people avoid those products for fear they’ll have the same results. You really don’t know until you try it. Me and my sisters all have very similar hair textures and porosity but I thrive from olive oil, one sister with aloe vera and the other with carrot based concoctions. One uses natural only, one store bought only and I’m a combination. There’s no universal truth when it comes to hair products.

ss (short & sweet)

I agree — porosity is an overlooked factor in how a product works!

I’ve rocked natural hair on and off my entire life, but reading that relaxers were linked to fibroids (whether it’s true or not) was the catalyst for deciding to sport my natural hair for the rest of my life. Natural ingredients are my preference, but they don’t have to be organic. Refined is ok. However, products with silicones make my hair feel dirty or waxy or gummy. I don’t like added colors or unnatural fragrances. Strongly scented products make me nauseous or give me a headache. So many preservatives and questionable ingredients have been linked to cancer. I have a… Read more »

The studies on relaxers and fibroids have statistical and procedural flaws in them.

Regardless I use a mixture of products simply because lots of chemicals are derived from natural products anyway. Also not everything that is natural is good for you — ask people with hay fever and allergies to animals.

I love the Giovanni products I use. I found the shampoo by accident when I was working away at a health food store. The cashier noticed it and started raving about it like it was the Holy Grail.


Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter and Kinky Curly Knot Today are the truth for my hair.

I stick with natural products mostly because I don’t use shampoo and therefore can only use products that won’t cause too much build up.


I’ve tried other leave-in conditioners and always come back to KCKT. I also love Eden’s Coconut Cowash, their Jojoba monoi DC and their Jojoba monoi oil. By far, my best trade off has been Cantu’s Curling Custard over As I AM’s Curling Jelly. Both products are awesome for my wash and go’s but the AIA is pricier. And the ingredients are essentially the same.

I really appreciated the insight in this article. Sometimes organic products are considered best simply by nature of being organic. We do have to be more discerning in the products we’re using in our hair and not just get something because it’s more expensive, so it just has to be better. HOWEVER, I see that the article only focuses on “key ingredients” in its comparison of organic/natural vs. “regular.” It’s important to review all of the ingredients in a product and consider its potential affect on our bodies as a whole, especially because so much can be absorbed through the… Read more »

I really like Kinky Curly when my hair is wet but it dries out pretty badly.


I use ACE Oil’s Milk with Silk Protein as a spray on (mixed with a little water) followed by plain old castor oil.
I’ll use some butters and creams too but only if they don’t have “carbomer”. If that’s anywhere on the ingredient list, my hair becomes hard and dry.


For me, it’s all about how much product will build up on my scalp and how fast. Certain non organic products will force me to wash my hair everyday or 4 times a week. And uh, ain’t non got time for that, specifically not an engineering major. Sheamoisture? I can go about a month and a couple weeks (max lol I try to wash every month) without worrying about crazy itching or bad build up! 🙂


I don’t consider Giovani a non natural product. if it wasn’t they wouldn’t sell it at Whole Foods. I can use a few cheaper products but overall myhair prefers natural ingredients. cheaper to make my own gel, spritzes, leave in. I invested in essential oils and add them to cheaper cowashes.


I used all manner of cheap regular products when I first went natural. Then, I used the expensive products like Carol’s Daughter and Miss Jessie’s, etc. From there, I went completely organic, using kitchen items. Now, I use a mixture of organic kitchen items and regular products and the combination works for me. I’ve run the gamut with products, but I agree that if a cheap product with “lower quality” ingredients works just as well or better than its more expensive organic or natural counterpart, then why spend the extra coins?

Nickisha McClean Parris
Nickisha McClean Parris

I personally just love the Profectiv brand. It has worked for me with relaxed hair and has been a God send with my natural hair…just saying. (Sorry Natural hair products :))


Interesting article. Certainly something to think about.

I feel the opposite about KCKT and GDLI. The Giovanni did absolutely nothing for my hair *sigh* I wanted to like it! I used Aussie Moist as a leave in for a while but then I tried Sally’s GVP “The Conditioner” (Paul Mitchell knock off) It was ok. When I tried KCNT I was soooooo impressed at how moisturized my hair felt! I think this one might be a new staple. It took me so long to try because I didn’t wanna spend that $$$ 🙁 Now…I LOVE my Curlaide buuuut I need to see what this Elasta QP is… Read more »

You got me wanting to try Elasta QP.

Whitney Bianca

Definely Giovanni’s

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