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5 Professional and Chic Natural Hair Styles for the Workplace

• Sep 18, 2014

AnnisaLiMara style

Though natural hair is making more appearances in the workplace, it can still be a challenge to find that perfect “professional” hairstyle you are comfortable wearing.  Nevertheless, there are options out there — no matter how short or long your hair.  Here are just a few:

1. Mini Twists into Updo (Medium-Length Natural Hair)

With autumn around the corner, this updo is an option for those who will be wearing small twists throughout the coming months.  It is really simple to achieve and requires just a few bobby pins.  No one can tell you that you don’t look professional in this style.

2. Faux Natural Bun (Short Natural Hair)

This style is another alternative to your usual TWA, but will work best on looser textures and/or hair that is long enough to get into a tiny ponytail.  You will need an ample amount of gel, a brush, an ouchless band, bobby pins, and an afro-textured bun.

3. Flat Twists into Updo (Medium-Length to Long Natural Hair)

Now for another tutorial that involves twists — flat twists, to be precise.  This style is obviously not conservative but can work just fine in many workplaces.  (Yes, flat twists can be professional, too.)  If you want height like VeePeeJay, you will need Marley braid hair.

4. Teeny Weeny Afro with a Side Part (Short Natural Hair)

If you are tired of your usual teeny weeny afro (TWA) or don’t quite know how to make it work for the office, check out this tutorial.  The side part spruces up your style while also adding a professional touch.  You will need gel. For my kinky naturalistas, you will also need bobby pins.

5. Stretched Updo (Medium-Length Natural Hair)

This look is a great alternative for those with medium-length natural hair. It is a bit more conservative than the other looks but still very beautiful. You will start from stretched hair and need several bobby pins to achieve it. This look can also be modified for longer hair.

How do you wear your hair for the workplace?

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16 Comments on "5 Professional and Chic Natural Hair Styles for the Workplace"

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Miss Mo

I love 2 and 5. Great ideas.



Slicked back=“professional”? I thought we were past that? Snatching all my hair with a glob of gel is the last thing I wanna do :/ Depending on your length you have more options than just twist everything up or using all the gel in the world.

that’s what i thought too, revelry. gel nothing won’t be going near my head in the name of professionalism. i’ma wear this fro out loose and free everyday on my job, and turn heads in the process while i’m at it. i have yet to wear my hair pulled back at work, and i dare a single soul to complain. on another note, ALL of the white women wear their hair loose where i work. i’ve yet to see any of the nurses and techs (almost all of whom are white) wear any updos.….. the styles are cute and all,… Read more »

ok, i agree with you about the gel…what are the other options other than using hair pins, bobby pins and twisting everything up?? In a professional, white collar industry…twisting everything up is simple, classy and elegant…you can not go wrong…I do not want to see a paralegal with a chunky wash n go with hot pink lipstick…cute for the weekend, but NOT 9 to 5


Scarves, headbands, Curlformers, and permrods can give a desired “professional”. Goddess braids, twists, box braids, half up half down looks, buns, etc. I mean I know I don’t work a typical 9–5 ( I spend the day testing drug addicts) still my hair is as professional as it comes without putting gel, heat, or stressing the hell outta my hair to appear polished.


I love number 3!!! That one’s for me 😉


How is number 3 “obviously not conservative”? It’s plenty conservative! Maybe I’m missing something …


You know what else is professional? My AFRO.


Hold on now!!!!! then faux bun one sound like she Bahamian!!!!!!!! you go girl !!


I love mini twists just because I don’t like to be constantly styling my hair so I wear my hair in styles similar to number 1 a lot. I just refresh my hair ever few days with my homemade spritz or As I Am CocoShea Spray if I’m feeling fancy and off I go.


Why on earth do you say style #3 flat twists into an updo “style is obviously not conservative” ?? That is absolutely conservative and classy and exactly what I think is perfect for corporate America. Why could you consider it otherwise?


I love this website and I’m pretty disappointed in the fact that this article even exists.


Right! I thought it was kind of lazy…especially including the bun 🙁


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