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5 Absolutely Gorgeous Natural Hair Styles for an Evening Out

• Oct 19, 2014

Sometimes, when you want to look extra special, that 5 day old twist-out just won’t do. When the natural hair movement started out there weren’t a whole lot of style ideas floating around, but now beautiful style ideas are ubiquitous. When there are so many places to look, it’s hard not to become overwhelmed with choices. So, as your surrogate big sister, I’ve taken the time to gather some of the hottest, evening out hairstyles (thank me later) that I’ve seen. Go on girl, with your sexaaay self!

1. Twisted Beauty

Evening Out Natural Hairstyle by Tiffany Nichols Design

Evening Out Hairstyles FOR Natural Hair

Have you seen the gorgeousness happening here? I don’t even understand how it can be so lovely!! YouTuber, Tiffany Nichols Design pulls off this gorgeous, unique look in just a few minutes and with her tutorial you can too!

Products Used:

Amount of Time Needed:

Approximately 15–20 minutes.

2. Glorified Twist & Curlevening out hairstyles for naturals

All I have to say about this style is YAAAAAS! A  twist out is always a good choice because it looks fabulous on any air length, but a twist and curl is beyond fabulous because of the interest, dimension and texture it adds to the old, dependable twist out.  Check out Natural Hair Sistas divine interpretation of the twist out.

Products Used:

Amount Of Time Needed:

Minus the twisting the two strand twist, approximately 15 minutes.

3. Fab French Braided Updo

This look is not only suitable for a night out, but it fits the bill for most corporate settings and other events. You need a little bit of ingenuity and skill to get that upside down french braid right, but knowing you ladies, you will make it happen. The Chic Natural teaches us how we can have a fabulous french braided updo in this video.

evening out hairstyles for naturals

evening out hairstyles for naturals

Products Used:

Amount Of Time Needed:

Approximately 10 minutes.

4. Fro-Outevening out hairstyles for naturals

When all else fails, you can hardly go wrong with rocking the hair that yo’ mama gave you! Blow outs remind us naturals just how amazing and dramatic our hair is and if those aren’t must-have qualities of an evening out look, than I don’t know what is! Christine Amor shares her secrets to gorgeous blown out natural hair and how you can achieve the “I know you want to get to know me” look with your hair.

Products Used:

Amount Of Time Needed:

Depending on hair length anywhere from 15–25 minutes.

5. Pompadour Pretty

I adore pompadours (see what I did there with my rhyming skills??) and this one is no exception! Solange takes us on a journey as she gets ready for an event and we catch a glimpse (and more) of this fabulous ‘do and how to do it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a whole lot of hair to spare for this front heavy look, Solange shows us how to use Marley hair to compensate.

evening out hairstyles for naturals

Products Needed:

Amount Of Time Needed:

Approximately 10–15 minutes.

Ladies, which look do you plan on rocking on your next evening out?


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OMG, I love every single one of them

Juan-Tu Frifor

Wonderful ideas!


These are all gorgeous and just in time for my birthday!!!!! A combination of #2 & #3 would really set off my birthday party outfit! Thank you Cassandre, for making that easy for me:) Lol

Kate at PrimeHairTools

These are just wonderful hairstyles! This post is so helpful to many. My personal favorite is the Fab French Braided Updo. I think it can fit perfectly for a casual night out. Nice posts!


Soooo pretty.….just wish there were mire styles highlighted for short hair 🙁

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