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Fake it Til You Make it! 4 Faux Styles for Long and Short Natural Hair

• Oct 7, 2014

There are so many hair styles for naturals to try, but sometimes your own hair may be too short or too long to pull some of these looks off. We can all appreciate an awesome updo, goddess braid, TWA, and flexi rod set. Now, you have hope to achieve these styles without cutting your hair or waiting for years for it to grow.

Faux Goddess Braid

Hercurlzrbadd Natural Hair Faux Goddess Braid

Even though the goddess braid isn’t a new hair style, it has taken on new life recently. While I would love to wear the goddess braid, I simply can’t get it right. If you’re like me and have a hard time with this style, then natural hair YouTuber, Hercurlzrbadd, has the perfect tutorial. Her version of the goddess braid requires no braiding of your actual hair because she simply wraps a long piece of braided Kanekalon hair around her head and pins it down. The style is simple and it is a great protective style.

Faux TWA

MsDanti1 Natural Hair Faux Tapered TWA

Even though a lot of naturals are on the long hair don’t care train, there are still some long hair naturals who miss their teeny weeny afros. The TWA is cute, fun and chic. Makeup artist and natural hair YouTuber, MsDanti1, shows you how to achieve the perfect faux tapered TWA even if your hair isn’t short. After using a combination of perm rods and strawbbers, MsDanti1 was able to create a beautiful faux tapered cut. She strategically sectioned off her hair and placed different sized rollers in different sections to achieve her look.

Faux Bun Hawk

Tiffany Naturay Hair Faux Bun Hawk

Buns and updo’s that twist and turn are popular right now. However, let’s be real. Some natural ladies just don’t have the thickness or length that these styles need in order for them to look amazing. Natural hair Youtuber, TiffanyNicholsDesign, achieves the bun hawk by using a couple of packs of Kanekalon braiding hair and bobby pins. Her method is so easy, but it’s also very elegant. This would also make for a great protective style.

Faux Flexi Rod Set

Naptural85 Natural Hair Faux Flexi Rod Set

Naptural85 Natural Hair Faux Flexi Rod Set 2Flexi rod sets look beautiful on natural hair and produce bouncy curls. However, not every woman has the patience or time to perfect the flexi rod set. It can be tedious, frustrating and hard to sleep on. Natural hair guru and YouTuber, Naptural85 demonstrates how you can fake a flexi rod set, but still achieve the same look that a flexi rod set provides. With homemade flax seed gel, shea butter and flexi rods, Naptural85’s curls came out full and pretty.


Are you going to try these styles?

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8 Comments on "Fake it Til You Make it! 4 Faux Styles for Long and Short Natural Hair"

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Thx for the post! But wait, how is the last one a faux style? She installs the flexi rods and then lets them airdry while she sleeps. That’s essentially a flexi rod set lol Am I missing something?

Portia C.

Lol, yes. Technically, you could say this is a flexi Rod set. However, the original way to do a flexi Rod set is much more complicated and time consuming. You also end up with a lot of flexi rods sticking up all over your head. Her way is more practical and much easier, yet she gets similar results. Hope this clarified a little! Thanks for reading.


I think because she does the set on dry hair instead of wet hair its not a typical way to approach a flex rod set but I don’t know how it applies to “Fake it Til You Make it” part of this article. Its still great video that cuts time in half

naturally tee

me either a fake it to you make it style I keep seeing is crotchet braids. I keep getting fooled thinking it’s the persons real hair then reading further and seeing they are crotchet braids


I have two faux connected buns on my head right now. I’m attempting to try the 3rd look as I already had it saved in one of my favorite folders.


Thanks for sharing. Very helpful


Lovely Post! I feel honored to be featured! Thank you!

Bridget Bailey

I am definately trying these natural braids this weekend

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