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[Review] I Tried It: The Ouidad Double Detangler

• May 20, 2015


For the longest time, I’ve been hearing about the beast of a comb, the Ouidad Double Detangler. It’s always been intriguing to me, but I didn’t want to spend the money on a new comb when my Mason Pearson Rake Comb was completely fine. But when my Mason Pearson Rake Comb finally lost the battle to my thick mane, I decided it was a great time to try out the Ouidad Double Detangler. After all, I can buy this comb locally at Ulta or Sephora, while I have to order my other seamless combs. Instant gratification? Sign me up. I’ve now been using this comb for a month, and have several thoughts about it that I wanted to share in case you were considering trying it out.

First, it’s definitely not a cheap comb. At $26 a pop, the Ouidad Double Detangler isn’t something that you’d buy for the heck of it and leave it sitting in your cabinet (like I did with the three $2 picks I bought, haha). Is it worth the price, in my opinion? I’m kind of on the fence. The innovative design is like nothing I’d ever seen before on a comb, and it’s definitely sturdy, but…seams. I fail to understand why Ouidad would make this nifty comb but not make it seamless — they’re curly hair experts! But then again, making the mold seamless might have jacked up the price of this hair tool even more. I don’t know why it’s not seamless, but if it were seamless — man, I’d be shouting this combs praises from my shower on a weekly basis.

In terms of performance–it’s that good! Some people have complained about the weight of the comb, but…they need to get in the gym if they think this comb is THAT heavy (kidding…kinda). It’s weightier than a regular comb, but certainly nothing that would make your arm sore. Doing a twist-out is much worse. Also, I’ve read that the added weight supposedly helps guide the comb through your hair without much force. And that’s pretty much what it does — the comb does an amazing job of gliding through your hair without a ton of tugging, and I notice that MUCH less hair comes out using this tool. I’m talking like…less than ten strands of hair per section (I detangle in five sections) and yielding a super small ball of hair when I’m done.

Sometimes, if I hadn’t slept on my hair properly and detangled using my Mason Pearson Rake Comb, I would be surprised to see I still had hair after getting tennis ball sized hair balls. Check out this quick video of me detangling with the Ouidad Double Detangler — easy peasy. And this is done on hair that I slept on cotton pillowcases all weekend (I know, I’m glad my hair forgave me.) and with Curl Junkie Daily Fix in my hair, it wasn’t even a super thick and slippy conditioner.

Even still, with so many great things about the Ouidad Double Detangler, I’m still skeptical about the seams. Hopefully the seams aren’t that sharp because they are very faint on the teeth and with conditioner the friction will be minimized. But I’m definitely going to monitor my shed hairs and ends for split ends and mid-shaft splits. A short and easy detangling session definitely isn’t worth affect the overall health of my hair.

Have you tried the Ouidad Double Detangler? What did you think?


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So extra…for what?


Hmmm… very interesting. I think I’ll wait until your second installment on how it went before I get one. =)

I just LOVE this comb! I got mine from the US in 2010 (from Sephora, I think it was the same price then too so kudos to them for not inflating the price) and it’s still my number one, I do caution about the weight (if only because it’s unusual for a human hair comb to be that heavy) but it doesn’t negatively impact performance and it doesn’t rip my hair out even though it isn’t seamless. I use mine every few months though I generally finger-detangle because I have supernaturally high density hair that still makes me paranoid about… Read more »
Kara Rhem

I just finally picked up a Denman brush now here’s something else for me to lust after lol. I have a detangler comb from Avon but this one looks interesting.

I’ve had this comb for several years & love it. I use it in conjunction with the Hercules Sageman rake , which is my favorite, & sometimes my Tangle Teezer. It’s a big comb but I don’t think it’s heavy; heavier than other combs yes, but not a problem, in fact the weight aids in detangling ;but then again I’ve played piano since childhood & that gives you strong hands. Many people prefer the Denman but that’s The Comb from Hell on my fine 4ab hair. I have one in PERMANENT retirement. I call it The Ripper or The Shredder;… Read more »

I absolutely love this comb; I have had it for years.


It essentially looks a blow dryer comb attachment. If you already have one it could replace buying a $26 comb.

Elle Dennis

I’ve never seen a blow dryer attachment that has two rows of teeth! Where did you find that?


Don’t get that comb! I admit it’s a great for detangling but the bristles on this comb just break off after awhile.


I regret buying this comb I rarely use it because its so heavy and I can literally hear my hair popping and ripping

Anna M. Stern

i found this Double Detangler for $16 bucks. Got the order no issues. product looks legit. here is the link

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