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Beauty Vloggers Beat Their Faces With Black-Owned Cosmetics ONLY for the #BOMB Challenge

• Aug 2, 2016

The B.O.M.B (Black-Owned Make-up Brand) Challenge was created by black beauty vloggers Alyssa Forever and Alissa Ashley. In a video introducing the challenge Alyssa stated her reasoning;

With everything that is going on right now, I think it’s really important for us to uplift and to invest in the black community, if we plan on making any kind of difference.”

The challenge calls for participants to upload make-up looks that were created by using only black-owned make-up brands. Here are some entries;

Black beauty vlogger Jackie Aina then got on board, challenging non-black beauty bloggers to participate as well:

I challenge all of YOU (especially those of you who are not black!) to try some new products are support MORE black and minority owned businesses! There are a LOT of black-owned brands who are AMAZING and are often over looked and overshadowed by bigger brands who don’t even cater to us as much as they should!

We are so here for this!

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6 Comments on "Beauty Vloggers Beat Their Faces With Black-Owned Cosmetics ONLY for the #BOMB Challenge"

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Alesha Zeigler

Hey everyone I challenge everyone to come check out my sister all natural make up skin
care line


All great videos! Thank you!

Alesha Zeigler

Hey love Would you check out my sister all natural makeup skin
care line


The products they used aren’t even black owned. Black opal, black radiance, and Sacca cosmetics are not black owned!

Panther Charleston

Loving every sparkle and shine of it!

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