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Woman Sparks Online Debate After Publicly Renouncing her Delta Sorority Membership for Conflicting With Her Christian Faith

• Dec 16, 2016

A woman named Angela Crenshaw is sparking fierce online debate after going public with her choice to renounce her membership with the Delta Sigma Theta sorority on the basis that it conflicts with her Christian faith. In a post titled Denouncing Delta: A Story of Reflection from Former Sorority Member, Crenshaw says the symbolism and practices of the organization are cultish and amount to idolatry.

When I first joined, I was so blinded by my desires to be a part of the organization and didn’t focus on God’s will. Different pastors and ministers would speak on the Christian principles of the organization, but I realized how can you be a Christian organization and not mention Jesus Christ?”

Crenshaw went on to explain that, although the rituals of the organization mention God, they make no mention of Jesus Christ. She also questioned why a Roman Goddess, Minerva, was being used as a symbol, in place of a cross.

The rituals mention God but in order to get to God you must first go through the son, Jesus Christ.  (John 14:6) Also if the organization is founded on Christian principles why did the founders think it was okay to place Minerva (Roman Goddess) on the shield that I wore across my heart? I thought what if my church placed her as a representation, do you know how many people would have an issue, or outsiders call us hypocrites. However, in Delta why do the Christians find it okay?

So if the founders were Christians why didn’t they place a cross to represent our Savior? Oh because they may offend other religions, but at the same time you compromise the Christian belief and place a Goddess? But God does not agree with compromise, he spits out the lukewarm. (Revelations 3:16)”

Crenshaw also took issue with what she described as the misuse of scripture.

A national president took the entire 1 Corinthians 13 and changed the biblical scripture around to glorify Delta. I had a tug in my heart like “umm can we do that?”  No, that is disrespectful to God and his Word. You are misusing the word to glorify the organization which comes off very prideful and blasphemy. It takes the focus on God and places the focus on Delta. There are other finding where scripture is misused.”

The former Delta Sigma Theta member explained that although other Christian members have recognized similar discrepancies, they don’t believe it to be a serious issue. However, Crenshaw argues that because the members hold the rituals as sacred and secret, and have a marriage-like commitment to the organization, it is indeed serious.

At the end of the letter, Crenshaw encouraged other Christians who are members of fraternities and sororities to walk away from such organizations.

Was it hard for me to step out at first? Yes, but I had to remind myself that this life is temporary and everything here on Earth will fade away. I love God and want to follow His word. I also didn’t want to hesitate when life is over and I am standing before God as he questions me about being a part of this and reciting and representing Minerva. Jesus loves us so much He wants us to in his light, not Satan’s darkness. When we serve the community, He wants us to do it in His name, not in the name of DELTA. He wants our sisterhood and bond to be holy and with Jesus Christ at the center of it all!”

Needless to say the article’s comment section is very active, with some applauding Crenshaw and others finding her public renouncement unnecessary.

Ladies, are you apart of a Greek organization? What are your thoughts?

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7 Comments on "Woman Sparks Online Debate After Publicly Renouncing her Delta Sorority Membership for Conflicting With Her Christian Faith"

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I completely agree with EVERYTHING Miss Crenshaw has spoken about in her article. I am not a member of a BGLO, but I seriously considered joining one when I was in college. I did not join, because as I matured in my walk with Jesus Christ I started to recognize that the principles the sorority was founded on were definitely far from Christian. She’s 100% correct. There is a deep spiritual world that you are exposed to in any type of Greek letter organization. Aside from the violence, hazing, and mental torment that pledges go thorough, much of what sororities… Read more »
The Truth

Sorry to say but Christianity is very “cultish and idolatry” as well. So all her points are invalid.


Same thing I was thinking…


…that’s why she has a problem with it. To her, the only thing that should be cultish and idolatry is worshipping God, not her sorority and their goddess. Not that hard to get.

How do people, who have never been a member of BGLOs, know so much about that world? Being in a sorority or fraternity is just like being married, you just do not know until you have been in it. My organization was originally founded as a Christian-based organization, which is one of the reasons why I chose it, and it chose me. My sorors constantly amaze me with their selflessness and love for others. This young woman publicly exposed information about her organization that was sacred to that organization, If you want to denounce, fine, denounce, but do not betray… Read more »

For those not living in the US, who don’t have sororities in college/University it makes for fascinating reading.


Both organizations are dumb.

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