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Beyonce Releases a Slew of Additional Maternity Photos, And They’re Kinda Sorta Cheesy

• Feb 2, 2017

Beyonce is an international superstar. One of the most powerful women in the world. And that friend who couldn’t wait to get pregnant so she could pose in front of a bag of props she had stashed in her closet. She’s that friend who made a ‘pregnancy mood board’ months (possibly years) before she got pregnant. She ain’t even include Jay-Z because — as she likely told him — ‘This isn’t about you. It’s about me.’

At least that’s the vibe we’re getting with the latest slew of maternity photos that hit Beyonce’s website. They include Bey posing by a bust of Queen Nefertiti, Bey posing mermaid-like underwater, Bey channeling the Virgin Mary in front of a floral arch, Bey posing on top of a red car, all while rocking a super long weave that is meant to say, ‘I am super fertile and abundant with life’.

And, as no maternity shoot would be complete without spoken word, Bey includes some in her photo collage, including text like

girl turning into woman
woman turning into mother
mother turning into venus”

All jokes aside, we’re not mad at Bey. She is quite obviously over the moon. Ladies, what do you think of the photoshoot? Go to to see the full shoot.

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42 Comments on "Beyonce Releases a Slew of Additional Maternity Photos, And They’re Kinda Sorta Cheesy"

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Amazing. The woman just released the pictures of her happiness and BGLH has the audacity to write this crap about her. Beyoncé looks beautiful in her pictures and she should be over the moon and stars right now. Have some class next time BGLH.


Right, I agree with you Tamey. I’m not even in the BeyHive and I think this was unnecessary. Stop tearing people down. It’s not needed BGLH

lol Tamey, come on now, many of us really do think these photos are cheese upon cheese upon cheese. This does not mean that Beyonce should not have taken them or expressed herself as she did but when you release it in the public domain, people equally are free to say what they think. Now my finest pregnancy photo was smiling in a field next to a pregnant mini horse lol. I love that picture but it is also cheese upon cheese upon cheese. Personally too, referring to yourself as the goddess of fertility is a bit much, but each… Read more »
Chioma Oben

Yup, cheesy, but do you!


How was kinda sorta cheesy?

Tabitha J

I agree with Tamra. Whoever thought of this as in fun should look at themselves and decide why instead of celebrating a black woman you choose to make fun. Very poor choice.


Nothing Cheesy at all just a woman celebrating her chance to give life and grow her family. Beautiful.


It’s in a 1960’s pop photography style with a mother goddess theme.
I don’t find that style of art to be cheesy


Interesting observation.

Maura Spires
I think the photos are beautiful. From a feminist perspective, I am old enough to remember when pregnancy was like “a necessary evil”, women felt badly about their expanding bodies. These photos remind us of the utter miracle of life and the ability of a woman’s body to expand to cradle that life, nourish that life, and bring that life into the world. If men had wombs there would be ticker tape parades for them, and they would get a year or two of paid leave no questions asked. ? If men carried babies I think would be considered their… Read more »

Let her have her fun. Things have been way too tense lately. I do worry about those underwater photos though because you’re not supposed to hold your breath for long periods.


Just my two cents:

If your title was
‘Beyonce Releases a Slew of Additional Maternity Photos, And They’re Kinda Sorta Cheesy — AND WE LOVE IT!’
It would read differently.

With your current title, it seems like you are either being unnecessarily silly (interpret as rude)or trying to get attention/go viral by writing something quasi-mean about Bey (and we know stuff like that always gets loads of attention and not really BLGH’s style — I think).

Yes, said shoot is cheesy but very appropriate and in good taste.



BGLH the photo shot IS cheesy! Fellow commentators are bordering along the lines of idolatry with no notion of how to relax and see another point of view.


Exactly. These worshippers are cray cray!!! Everyone has their opinion. Let people live. It has nothing to do with race, lol! I have all Bey’s music with the exception of Lemonade bc I don’t enjoy it. I think these pics are cheesy too.


Worshipping Beyoncé has not a damn thing to do with it. I enjoy a lot of her music and some I don’t. The article was done in bad taste.


Especially that “Tamey” chick foaming at the mouth, right (LOL)?


Lol the pics are cute, congrats to her…but it it kinda cheesy XD just chill beyhive, beyonce is human too, and humans get cheesy sometimes. lol!


Nice Family Photos..Curious would the sentiment be the same if Jane Doe published similar photos?


Even blue looks overwhelmed lol

Not a big of hers cause I find her over the top. I usually I like preggo shoots but … not this one! I feel like it screams look at me! This belly is NOT fake! I feel like on set the art Director said: Oh don’t forget to put some fresh flower so we relate to being “natural” like mother nature. Don’t forget the Nefertiti bust because I like that too! Let’s have you on top of the car like in the Formation video. You get side boobs, and you get side boobs… SIDEBOOBS FOR EVERYONE!!! Maybe if she… Read more »

I agree. And where is Jay-Z? Lol you didn’t make these babies by yourself. I don’t mind when women have their little “pregnancy photo shoots” but you didn’t a$eXually reproduce. Show your man some love


the last picture was very nice the full body shot with wavy hair the other ones was not

I feel that motherhood is an under explored theme in art so maybe that’s why it seems cheesy. The pictures in the water look like Klimt paintings, which are iconic to the point of being cliché. They are still epic sights to behold, if you look past that. We need more art about motherhood and femininity from a female gaze, and that’s just gonna come with time. I’m so glad Beyonce posted these pictures because unfortunately, the question of whether or not women can be successful professionals and mothers is still up for debate in many industries. Bey’s breaking barriers… Read more »

I love a few of the shots, and a few were not to my liking. Either way I’m happy for her.


I think it was a bit much… I have always admire her love Jay…that school girl, first love type of love … but when I saw the pics I was like, Jay done finally made that girl crazy!!! LOL
c’mon haters.…


Beyoncé always be doing the most

But congratulations I guess.

I thought the exact same thing. Some of them are cheesy like the red car photo. Some are beautiful like the underwater shots. I am however shocked to see such seriousness in the comments section by people who do not PERSONALLY know Beyoncé. Especially considering what has happened in our country in the last two weeks. I hope those same people have a similar level of passion for consequential matters that will eventually affect them personally. Perhaps Beyonce’s own mother or sister are sitting with her laughing over the cheesiness of some of these pictures too. Either way, there should… Read more »
Cindy H.
I like Beyonce’, I don’t love her or hate her. I enjoy some of her music and I don’t like some of her music. I do, however, think she is an awesome artist. With that being said I do think perhaps to include in an article title regarding her pregnancy photos that they are “kinda sorta cheesy” was a bit much. I don’t think that because she is Beyonce”, but because she is apparently proud to be expecting again. I love the pictures and think they are beautiful. And then to insinuate “She ain’t even include Jay-Z because — as… Read more »

I don’t care what nobody say these are THEE most tasteless photos… I’m sorry, naked maternity photos should be private. If my bff,sister, old HS buddy or coworker posted these, i will think to myself how inappropriate. It is no different with Beyonce. Tbh I feel she doesn’t teach girls to be sexy & confident, she promotes, trashy and slutty. Bring classy back! TRUE QUEEN STATUS.

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