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Queen Sugar Actor Kofi Siriboe Responded Perfectly When a Fan Chastised Him For Praising Black Women

• Feb 13, 2017

After Queen Sugar actor Kofi Siriboe tweeted powerful words about his love and respect for his mother and all black women fans responded with appreciation, but predictably some (not the black ones…) were upset.

Kofi: my beautiful mother is every reason i need to cherish, love, and protect my sisters. nobody will ride for you like a black woman. period.

Salty Fan: Really !! All good mums do those things no matter creed or colour!

Kofi: love & respect to all the good mums. i’m honoring my mom, my sisters and their bold, black skin. they deserve my specificity.

He then took to his Instagram page to elaborate on why he chose to focus his love and attention on women who look like his mother. He captioned his post “black women built the pedestal I’ll continue to put them on.”

Emmy nominated producer, Will Packer chimed in to cosign the tweets.

The status quo is for black men to clown and bash black women on social media, so it’s refreshing to see a black man be unapologetically vocal with his support.

Ladies, what do you think about the exchange?

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22 Comments on "Queen Sugar Actor Kofi Siriboe Responded Perfectly When a Fan Chastised Him For Praising Black Women"

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Good for him. When so many black men are able to only give a side eye to their black sisters while praising the looks of every Becky, they often seem to have forgotten the black women who raised them and gave birth to them.


Wow! All I can say about his post is Thank You.


Your so right!! We as black women are ridiculed for our hair real or fake our bodies the way we talk and on and on. It’s always negative until a becky does it then it’s accepted she’s so cool, but us we have to be ghetto and hood smh. Positivity for black women pass it on with so much negativity against us this is something positive and uplifting go head black man!!

Sylvia Jackson

You make us proud, Kofi. I love your kindness, strength and integrity. White people just cannot accept our beauty and love for each other and family, but we must continue to display it every chance we get. Thank you


His words are truly beautiful. His mum must be very proud.


Amen Kofi! Us black women love hearing that we are appreciated by our black men. Oh so often, we are not given the respect and love that we deserve! Love it! Keep and lift us on that very pedestal we built.

Raquel Brutus-Thomas

How uplifting to have a Black man who is vocal and supportive of celebrating Black women unapologetically. As he states “Other races” don’t have to think twice in celebrating and/or supporting their own.
I too, Thank the woman who raised him!!!


Why can’t all black men be like him lol


Why shouldn’t he pay homage? Why is it every time our men want to lift us up, there is someone telling him or suggesting we aren’t all that? I am so proud he feels that way. Haters, go sit somewhere and hope you men feel that way about you!


Excellent! Yes, honor and celebrate black women in your life!


I’m happy he stood behind his original tweet.


Why is it anytime something positive and powerful is said about black folk, some butthurt exclusionist feels the need to apply the “either/or” rule — that is, for us to feel good they have to feel bad, so they apply the “all” salve to that butthurt. Acknowledging ourselves doesn’t mean we have to diminish them; that’s their game.

Dana McCall

His mother is a proud woman, I am sure! We need more black men to stand up and be like him. I am blessed to have a man that puts me on a pedestal and I hope and wish that for those women who don’t have the same, that they one day find it. It’s a wonderful thing. Stay blessed ya’ll!


I will never understand why they refuse to stay in their lane. Why are black men not allowed to uplift black women? Why do white women always have to be mentioned in any sentence that mentions black women? Kofi responded beautifully. Kudos to him and his family for raising a respectful son.

Veronica Sasu

Thank God! It’s so refreshing to hear praise for us long-suffering black woman from a black man. It’s so sad that this is a ‘thing’ in the first place as black men should lift us up as other races do for their women. Definitely a step in the right direction!


I absolutely love this man. He’s a breath of fresh air. Thank you Kofi!


This post and Kofi just made my day 3


Now, I love him even more!!!!!!!!


All I can say is thank you to the girl who decided to challenge him. Because putting you in your place was definitely necessary. We already have to fight for our dignity, our style, our features, our everything on a day to day basis, and it feels great to know that we still have some brothers out here that will help fight that fight without hesitation. Thank you Kofi for being the man millions of women(sistas) dream of.


…their bold, black skin. They deserve my specificity.” This is beautiful and it was the perfect way to begin my day.




He is also a wise young man.….I know his sentiments are real…but he is also a student of history…He knows Black women will show up for you through thick and thin if you show up for us. We feel some special kind of way about Denzel Washington, Prez. Obama, Will Smith…that we will never feel about some others. I watched Nate Parker’s situation and the silence that came out of us.…Remember when Wesley Snipes got into tax trouble…silence.….…our loyalty is our currency…If you ride for us…we will be your ride or die.…

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