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Luvvie Ajayi’s Tea Thread is Confirmation That Rachel Dolezal Really is as Awful as She Seems

• Mar 4, 2017

At this point Rachel Dolezal is trolling us. After being exposed as not a black woman, she has started installing braids and weaves for a living, become an Instagram weave model, written a book about her life, given birth to a son and named him after Langston Hughes, legally adapted a new Nigerian name and repeatedly alleged she is on the brink of homelessness. She reports many of these things directly to the media, seeming not to understand that, at this point, many people just do not care.

And still black apologists for Dolezal exist, insisting that ‘she was just trying to do good for black folks’, totally ignoring that she was caught in the first place for lying to the media about hate crimes, and had a history of this kind of f*ckery — like when she unsuccessfully sued Howard University for ‘black on white’ discrimination.

In 2002, Dolezal unsuccessfully sued Howard University for discrimination based on “race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender, as well as retaliation”. Her lawsuit alleged that she was denied scholarship funds, a teaching assistant position and other opportunities, because she is a white woman. She also alleged that the removal of her artwork from a student exhibition at Howard in 2001 “was motivated by a discriminatory purpose to favor African-American students” over her. Her lawsuit claimed that Howard was “permeated with discriminatory intimidation, ridicule, and insult”.

Former colleagues of Dolezal at both Eastern Washington University and the NAACP have come forward with insight into the kind of person she was, providing writer Luvvie Ajayi with copies of several cringeworthy interactions as well as accounts of her behavior, which included hitting on black student athletes, and scouring students for being ‘not dark’ or ‘not black enough’.

Hopefully this can help put an end to the Dolezal caping.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on the tea thread?

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18 Comments on "Luvvie Ajayi’s Tea Thread is Confirmation That Rachel Dolezal Really is as Awful as She Seems"

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Destiny Parker

The tea is HOT girl.

Devyn H Taylor

the sweetest tea I’ve sipped in a while…


Delusional is her middle name not Rachel Luther whatnot…


Ms Dolezaz is really pitiful. Like she’s really messed up


I don’t like Rachel Dolezel either, but this article seems fake. Professors don’t talk/write like that. And those “receipts” could have been anybody.


Keep in mind, these aren’t “professors.” These are grad students or adjuncts that are usually ages 22–28. Trust me, we talk like that lol. I have a whole thread of other adjucts where we just shoot the shit and talk at each other.


There is really something wrong with her. Either she is so caught up in her own privilege that it has made her delusional (like a certain president we know) or she truly is mentally ill and needs to be institutionalized. Many institutionalized people are not violent against themselves or others but exhibit behavior that makes them far removed from reality.

Shareena Clarke
I seriously don’t mind Racheal Doziel claiming that she’s black. Why? I know many Asain and black people who are trans racial like her and consider themselves white. One of them being a director at my work place. Also there are so many people who are racist towards black people and here is a woman who finds black people so beautiful, that she has begun identifying as black. That includes enduring racial slurs and other forms of prejudice. How many non-black people would do that? Loads of non-black people who love black culture and would never stick up for black… Read more »
La Bandita

Your reply is ri dic cu lous.…


I agree with Shareena Clarke

Transracial? Genetically, our DNA tells the story. Conceptually, one may represent themselves in any way they like. However, they may come up against the PEOPLE, the tribe whose roots are genetically a fact and who have had the experience of living as a member of the tribe. That said, our DNA shows how racially mixed we all are, so I guess anyone can choose the part of themselves with which they most identify and live that identity culturally. Biracials, like myself, might choose to identify with one or the other parent and often do, but I am not going to… Read more »

Transracial?! is that what we are calling self-hate now?


Affirmative Action is not hard to explain, I don’t see why he needed help with that. And if I was him, I’d be embarrassed to ask those questions. He has no business teaching such a class.
Just something I noticed


Meh, it’s not that deep to me. I know plenty of black people who try to pass for white, same with Hispanics and asians. Ok so one (delusional) white lady got called out. She got called out and lost her job. Let’s move on. Why keep beating this dead horse?


I don’t see what the problem is… if she wants to be black, let her! lol

I hate how the black community is so ableist. Mental illness or rather, “being crazy” causes black people to dehumanize others in the same way that whites dehumanize us. It really is narrow-minded and disgusting. Rachel Dolezal is wrong for pretending to be black but honestly, her actions show cultural appreciation, not cultural appropriation. She seems like she honestly cares about black people and has dedicated her life to it. What’s so bad about that? No matter how problematic she is though, picking on her for being “mentally ill” years after the scandal is both mean-spirited and disrespectful to people… Read more »

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