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5 Skin Care Lines Created By Black Women That Treat Hyperpigmentation and Other Issues Unique to Black Skin

• Jul 11, 2017

Many dermatologists don’t focus on skin tone when treating people of color. They prescribe products that either strip the melanin right off of your face (this has happened to me y’all!) or don’t really address your skin care needs.

I didn’t realize how important it is to consider your complexion until I went to an African American dermatologist whose specialty was treating people of color. He told me that because hyperpigmentation is a serious issue for people of color, we need to be careful about the products and treatments we use on our skin.

Imagine my excitement when I found that there are skin care lines that not only cater to our skin, but are also black owned! Take a look at 5 skin care lines that were created by us, for us.

Vera Moore

This skin care line was created by former actress, Vera Moore. The line came on the heels of a successful cosmetic line that centered on smudge proof, full coverage foundation for black women. Five star rated products like Blemish Fix, Botanical Nova Complex, and Purifying Gel Wash are in heavy rotation for many black women. Miss Moore will not only you’re your face beat, but she’ll keep it healthy and glowing too. You can find Vera Moore products in your local Duane Reade and Walgreens.


Dermappetit was created by licensed skin care therapist Lori Angel. What’s great about Lori’s skincare line is that she used organic and natural ingredients like lavender, oatmeal, and fennel. The icing on top of the cake? You can get an entire acne kit, with six full sized items, for just $81.99. That’s cheaper than most prescription regimes! While you’re at it, you may want to take a look at her body care line because she’s got that on lock too.


Specific Beauty

When Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd was appointed the director of ethnic skin care at University of Miami, she hit the ground running. Often being referred the most difficult cases of hyperpigmentation, Dr. Lloyd soon created a line that addressed the needs of women of color. Although prices are a bit steep, the skin care line has some pretty great reviews. I’ve got my eye on the Advanced Dark Spot Corrector Pads.



Aftriderm is quite unique in what it offers it’s customers. The skincare line was specially formulated for those with all shades of dark skin. According to their site, the Afriderm Premium Care line helps heal, protect, and enhance the skin’s naturally smooth texture and coloring. The Peeling Gel looks promising at just $18.99.



Nyraju has an entire skin care kit for all your hyperpigmentation needs! The Natural Hyperpigmentation kit comes in a sample of full sized, but it gets such great reviews that you may want to just put caution to the wind and go for the full size. Did I mention that Nyraju is the FIRST company to come to the market with a natural skin care line for African Americans? They truly stand behind their product, which is always a plus. As an oily skin gal, I’m looking forward to trying their Oil Be Gone Cleanser for oily skin.

Have you used any of these lines? Do you have any black-owned lines to add? Share in the comments!

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7 Comments on "5 Skin Care Lines Created By Black Women That Treat Hyperpigmentation and Other Issues Unique to Black Skin"

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Have you try the derm appetit skin care line


What about Puretropix, Tropikalbliss, and butterbar skincare?


Wow! I didn’t know these existed! My skin is doing something funny. I need to try these!!!! THANK YOU!


anything for hyperpigmentation? i’d love that and would buy it in a heartbeat



I have a black woman friend, I will recommend these products to her. I know for sure that she’ll like this. Thank you for sharing. I hope these work for her.


I can recommand QEI+ products (french brand). I had hyperpigmentation on my face and a lot on my chest because of my eczema so my mom bought me the whole Harmonie (carrot oil) line. At first I was only using it because of my face hyperpigmentation and my sensitive, dry body skin but I was so surprised when I saw that after 2months it has completly erased my eczema scars. It’s quite expensive though.
I unfortunately can only comment on my experience, I don’t know much about the good composition stuffs.


Thanks for sharing this is much needed as most women of color, African American women are not familiar with these products. These need to be broadcasted or sent to women on YouTube so that we are aware.

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