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Four Nude Lipstick Collections Made For Black Women By Black Women

• Jul 21, 2017

Nude lipsticks are one the most popular types of shades in the beauty world due to their versatility and how easy they are to wear. However, many brands make nude lipsticks that are only “nude” for lighter skin tones or don’t consider warmer undertones. This makes them often come off as chalky or pale on black women. Although we can often use a lip liner to make the shade work, why not focus on nudes that are for our skin tone in the first place? Well these brands did just that, and are also owned by black women. Check them out!

via B’ellegant Cosmetics

B’ellegant Cosmetics Melted Chocolate Collection (matte and satin)The Melted Chocolate Collection from B’ellegant Cosmetics is one of my absolute favorites because there is a nude for everyone. Even better, the collection comes in either matte or satin formulas, so you can pick your preference. I personally love the collection so much that I have both. The lipsticks smell like chocolate and are beautifully pigmented.

via Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Skin Show Trio from Lust: Matte TrancePat McGrath, who has been called the most influential makeup artist in the world by Vogue Magazine, recently blessed us with a new lipstick collection, Matte Trance. The nudes in the collection, Omi, 1995, and Flesh 3, work on various skin tones and are absolutely gorgeous! These were available for presale last week, and will come back on July 29th. Pat’s collections are almost always limited edition, so I wouldn’t hesitate if you want to pick up any of these beautiful shades.

via Mented Cosmetics

Mented CosmeticsMented owners KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson specifically started their line with the intention of making nude lipstick shades for women of color. The shade range includes pinks, browns, taupes, and more. I love that they show each lipstick shade on various skin tones on their site. Their formula is smooth and creamy, making it a go-to for me.

via Nolaskinsentials

Nolaskinsentials x Tiairraa Send Nudes Lipgloss CollectionIf you’re more of a gloss lover, don’t worry, we have choices for you as well! Nolaskinsentials teamed up with beauty blogger Tiairraa to create a nude lipgloss collection for light to dark complexions. I picked up Tiairraa’s signature shade and absolutely love it — the gloss is incredibly moisturizing and the scent reminds of me of strawberries.

Have you tried any of these collections? What is your go-to nude shade?

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14 Comments on "Four Nude Lipstick Collections Made For Black Women By Black Women"

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Hi. What are the names of the lipstick for the 3 darker skin women? Matte? Do you have a link?

Elle Dennis

All of the links are in the post! If you are referring to the Pat McGrath shades, they come in a Skin Show trio and are also sold individually.

Latoya amey

Hi, I love how we are so cool and beautiful a a array of different colors.

Sherron Nelson

love it. and it’s about time we see, as well as hear about, color for women of color!! Thank you…


THANK YOU for this post. I had given up on finding a nude lipstick that worked for me.

Is there a general rule re nude shades? I heard someone say you’re supposed to match the shade between the inside (pink) and outside of the lip. (I don’t wear a lot of makeup so help a new sista out…)

Elle Dennis

I don’t really think there is a “real” general rule. A recent article came out that said your perfect nude lipstick is the color of your nipple, lol.

Tai Williams

My nipples are the size of pepperonis and three shades darker than my skin.….thanks to pregnancy and breastfeeding for 18 months.


Lovely post. i just wish more of these collections by our sisters could hit the stores. delivery fees always trip me up even here in South Aftica but i thouroghly enjoy watching their brands grow hey.

Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni


You make me miss SA. The “hey” at the end of your comment made my heart flutter. I spent 6 months studying abroad in Stellenbosch and finding natural hair products was pretty much impossible and shipping was CRAZY.


Awesome post! Lightweight always thinking about nude lippie colors. You took the guess work out of wondering which of these brands out here have the perfect shade for my terracotta skin color. I will check these brands out that you mentioned. Thanks.


Don’t forget from Iman cosmetics. I think their lipstick and lip shimmers are good nudes for black women


Why is it that products that cater to black women super expensive? $38 for one tube of lipstick is a little expensive. I cannot think of one black owned company that offer better beauty options for women of color that is affordable. I wish these companies nothing but success but it’s just not affordable to the average woman.


Thank you for those lipstick brands that are Black owned. There is another company called the Lip Bar that is owned by a Black woman out of her home. She was on shark tank a couple of years ago but they didn’t sponsor her. Fortunately she sells her products online as well as target online occasionally. I look forward to this newsletter.

Latoya amey

Where do you buy these???

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