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Four Places to Buy African Wax Print Clothing Online

• Jul 17, 2017

I love African wax print clothing in spring and summer — the bright colors look amazing on a variety of skin tones, and the weight of the fabric is perfect for warmer months. But, I’ve found that it’s a bit difficult to locate them online, and sometimes prints can be limited. As I get my wardrobe in line for the season, I wanted to share some sites where you can pick up these beautiful pieces.

Nubian Hueman is a DC boutique featuring “ethnic fashion apparel, accessories, and beauty brands, along with art of all mediums.” If you’re local, they also host events on a regular basis featuring trunk shows, art exhibits, book signings, and more. Must-have piece: The Cece Jumpsuit.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 6.10.07 PM

Grass-Fields is probably one of my favorite sites to browse. The selection is great and they have different types of clothing, ranging from dresses, midi skirts, trousers, maxi skirts, and more. I also love that they use their Instagram to update followers on restocks and sales. Sizes also range from small to 4x-large. Must-have piece: Emma Skirt.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 6.17.21 PMTribal Groove on Etsy is where I ended up getting my wax skirt last year — I LOVE it. The quality is wonderful and pieces are either ready to ship or custom ordered (which can take 3–4 weeks for delivery, just FYI). As a plus, many of the skirts have an elastic waistband in the back for comfort. Must-have piece: Ashanti Shirt (the entire outfit is pure slayage).


Jekkah, a London-based streetwear brand, features clothing manufactured in The Gambia by local tailors. For each purchase of £25, Jekkah gives £1 to the Erase Foundation, a charity that builds schools and orphanages for impoverished children in remote locations in The Gambia. Find out more at They also ship globally. And this site isn’t only for women, they have men’s clothing too, which is pretty cool. Must-have piece: Kafenda Crop Top.


If you have additional sites to share, I would love to hear about them — it was difficult for me to find four of them! But I’m confident you all will be able to find something you like; the clothes are gorgeous and versatile enough to wear both during the day or for a night out.

What are your favorite sites to buy African wax print clothing?




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Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for the same thing on line for photo shoots and they are hard to find. I did find a few on Etsy, House of Izzi and M.A.D Kollection. I gave custom measurements and the garments came out beautiful!

Because of Reasons
Oh hey! Did someone call me? This topic is right up my street. First off, there’s Reuben Reuel’s Demestik US: Reuben is on a well-deserved break now, but his shop will be open again soon. I think a lot of BGLH will already have seen at least one item of his work: he designed the skirt Beyoncé wore at her “push party”. I have a couple of his skirts from when he was still hustling hard on Etsy. (Insta: Speaking of Etsy, lots of good wax print clothing stores on there. My personal favourite is WithFlare: .… Read more »

They are so nice looking.


For your latest Ankara outfits, check out this site — 100% Veritable Wax Cotton. Made in U.S.A

Crystal D Williams
Guest is this great website with a collection of only African Brands. It’s so easy to go through their clothes, accessories, and shoes and pick what you’re looking for or like.


I like this site a lot:


Jinaki is an awesome line:


Another great side is — thanks for sharing!


Correction to my previous comment — a great site is = thanks for sharing


This is a Chinese company & many of their goods are inferior. So many complaints about them online! Buzzfeed even did an article on these types of companies

Malacia Anderson

I offer beautiful african print styles with a modern twist.


Laura Jane Fashion —


Ladies you need to check out this fantastic brend
The Designer is London born of Nigerian parentage.and heritage.
Every year she spends four months out in Nigerian and Togo to Create and make all her one of a kind pieces. Not mass produced.
Her authentic collection is for women children and Men. Her fabrics are hand printed and hand made to suit the particular theme for her collection different for every season.
She is based and lives in Brooklyn New York US.

Wear it Own it Want it ?


My boyfriend bought me an African wax print jacket from Omi Woods and I’ve seen other things on their site I Love!! For instance, the Jackie dress looks perfect for summer. It does take a little time to shop, but it’s totally worth the wait!


Also check out


LOVING this post so hard. Thank you so much for sharing and feeding my obsession. Please check out:

If I have time, I’ll be back to add more, but I had to lift up Charlene Dunbar first. She’s my favorite.

Denyse Gordon
Guest — This site is Peeks and her husband Mr. X — she is a Youtuber with FAB hair… and the clothes are gorg! Her YT channel is Zanjoo and ZanjooMoam…


The best place to buy african print clothing is AFRICA !!!!!
Unfortunately, I know that many can not go.
You can make beautiful dresses, skirts, tops for less than 10 dollars !!!
And you can choose the wax print and the exact form that you want.
In Europe the price of african wax print are crazy !!!!!!
So if you go to Africa once, don’t forget to make a beautiful dress. You will have it for nothing 🙂

PS : the wax is not from africa, it is from Holland


Excellent list! This fashion just jumps out at me. Anything for kids?

Miss Smoot

L’AVIYE makes affordable African wax print clothing and SHOES too! Their shoes are to DIE for!!! I’ve shopped with them before and all I can say is for a small business based in London, shipping my item to me in Houston the very next day is a A+++

Excellent customer service, items well made, fits to perfection, plus size range, unique, affordable clothing, lightning fast delivery? What more can a girl ask for?

Thank me later ladies!


Check this website for kids, their clothes are very well-made. They are UK based but its all worth it trust me. Got 3 dresses for m girl already and have my eyes on 2 others.


Bought a skirt from D’iyanu and I love it!


Also check, their garments are very well made and good quality fabric.

Harlem Duru

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