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I Bought a Swimsuit from Black-Owned, Instagram Fave Bfyne Swim, Here’s My Review

• Jul 6, 2017

By now, I’m sure that most of you have heard of Bfyne Swimwear. The black-owned brand skyrocketed to social media fame due to their unique prints and absolutely beautiful lookbooks. Their Instagram is the ultimate eye candy, especially if you appreciate impeccable swimsuit design.


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I always browse and make a mental note about which suits I want to buy for xyz occasion or vacation. However, the suits are quality design, and have a price to match, and it’s difficult to find swimsuit reviews online. I searched extensively, and couldn’t find one review of how the swimsuits fit or about the design details. The suit I wanted was around $100, and I didn’t want to take the gamble of disliking it because I wasn’t sure if the style would work on my body type. This is the suit I wanted:

#flashback ||SIYA👙 Sold exclusively at ||

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Now, the other thing is that there are a ton of Bfyne knockoffs online. Aliexpress and similar sites always sell suits from China that bite off indie designers. I hate that this happens, but I really wanted to “test” the suit to see if the style would work on me. So I decided to get the same style for $25 (with shipping) in another print, and luckily, I liked how it looked. I went ahead and ordered the Bfyne suit in hopes that it would be even better, and I assure you, Bfyne did not disappoint. Here are the suits compared side by side. Don’t be scared of the long crotch — these suits are meant to be worn at your navel.

There are several notable design differences that make the Bfyne suit higher quality. The knockoff suit has a thicker band, which is not as comfortable when worn high on the waist and can potentially cause muffin top, while the Bfyne suit is seamless and reversible! You can wear a plain black bottom if you would like, which I do appreciate. You can also see the gold Bfyne logo and tab, which is a nice touch.

For the top, the biggest difference is that the knockoff has a bra-like back, which to be honest, does look kind of tacky in my opinion. The Bfyne suit has a gold metal back closure. It also has boning in the structure of the suit, which helps keep the shape while you wear it and prevent bunching.

Again, the Bfyne logo is on the cup of the top. These are small touches, but it really adds to the quality of the design. Both suits have structured cups on top.

Here’s me in both suits (these are not edited so you can see the fit) — I can’t really compare the colors because the patterns are different, but the fit on the sides of the Bfyne suit is more flattering and would definitely be more comfortable wearing all day at the beach. I’m a swimsuit with denim shorts kinda beachgoer so I need something that I can move around in.

For a live comparison, check out my video review:

Overall, the Bfyne suit fits better and the design details are much higher quality, from the quality of the fabric to the finishing touches. Even though the fake suit has a bit more bottom coverage, the fabric is lower quality and it’s much less stretchy. Furthermore, every time I look at the bra closure, it annoys me — but all that is personal preference. When I first posted these swimsuits on my Instagram, some said they were much too expensive. But keep in mind, you get what you pay for, and their prices are comparable to industry standard for indie designers. I highly encourage you to check these out and support a black-owned brand!

Note: We understand that not everyone likes every style of swimsuit, and some people prefer more coverage. After doing this review, Bfyne had a sale and I ended up purchasing their Loren suit, which has more coverage than both the Adel and Siya suits. Check out their site for additional styles!

Have you tried Bfyne? What are your favorite black-owned swimsuit brands?

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19 Comments on "I Bought a Swimsuit from Black-Owned, Instagram Fave Bfyne Swim, Here’s My Review"

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Very nice indeed! You wear it well
I hope they have full body suits too in various sizes…it looks so nice!


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You can get these swim suits on Aliexpress and save $$$$$$$
Or search African Print Swimsuit.
The same models and everything!

I’m all for a sista creating her own business but the price BFyne are charging is extortionate to say the least.

Here’s the link to Aliexpress.

Black Girl With Long Hair

The prices are not extortion. They are on par with other top quality swim brands. But I guess folks get offended when a black woman business owner has the audacity to ask for what her products are actually worth.

alison hilaire

LMFAO???! I love your reply. The prices may be high but it’s not surprising: it’s not a big industry selling millions of products. It’s designer clothes from a small company. If I don’t have the money, I’d rather go for a cheaper brand with decent quality than buy a knockoff. It kills the hard work of small brands for a cheap, bad quality look alike product.


Sheldon are you a troll of sorts that sell knock offs on Aliexpress? Your comment seems a bit insincere, if you are “all for a sista creating her own business,” then why are you trying to drive business away from her by posting that knock off link?

Elle Dennis

They are the same models because they stole the design then used their pictures. The swimsuits, however, are not the same. It’s actually illegal but I think there are too many sites doing it and they are based overseas so it’s difficult to shut them all down. If you order the cheaper suit, you will not receive the same quality, only a copied style and print. Aliexpress does this often with designer fashion.


Cute & nice article.
Unfortunately I can’t shop at BFyne. Oh no no don’t get me wrong! I would LOVE to…but she doesn’t offer plus sizes. *Kanye Shrug*… Sucks to, can’t imagine how gorgeous I would look in one of her prints. Oh well!

Black Girl With Long Hair

She needs to get on that!

Supporting Black

Also try mo Bella swim. Black owned too and does plus size (UK based w/international shipping)

Elle Dennis

The Diva Kurves Collection is also black-owned and carries plus sizes. They have a Swim Thick collection with some really dope suits.

E Low Key
The banding on the back is a pet peeve for me too. It’s not a swimsuit if it has a back strap like a bra. Very tacky indeed. Thank you for your review. I’ll be looking into buying one for myself! It is great to support these black owned businesses especially if you’re getting a quality product. Supporting doesn’t mean go by 10 of them, it means buy one or maybe even two and go tell a friend and they’ll maybe buy one or two. Yes they are expensive but it won’t kill you to splurge on something your own… Read more »

Glad a sister is making it and excited to visit her site. ButI was turned off my all the models with their legs wide open. A little vulgar. Also could not find a suit for a modest woman. But I guess I’m not the target market (which is okay).


I love the look of the suits on the model…I dont think they’d work for me as I have wide hips and all of the models have narrow hips..hi waist bottoms only accentuate this area. I wish they had mix and match bottom options because the tops are gorgeous


I ordered two swimsuits from B fyne during the Spring and was highly disappointed. Wouldn’t order from them again. I’m 5,4, 125lb and ordered a small…the swimsuits were so small that I could put them on my daughter. Also there are no refunds. $100+ wasted


I love, love, love the designs listed on the website but disappointed they don’t offer anything for women with larger breasts. I am an E cup and it seems, according to the size chart, C is the largest size.

Might be Black owned but not for my Black body. I have a very curvy body like Nicki Minaj, Blac Chyna, and I bought the swimsuit similar to yours and my boobies might come out the top if i swim and I made that bottom piece look like a thong. I’m in the process of trying to return it. We only have 3 days and they don’t give us refunds just store credit that Bfyne charged us 12%. They do offer us exchanges but I ordered the large and that’s as high as they will go. I’m all about supporting… Read more »

I’m not loving the fit of this swim suit… but I’m sure it works for some people


Girl let me just stop you right there. Bfyne did not invent anything for you to be determining anything to be “real” or a “knockoff”.

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